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Security Questions:

For Keypad D623 Series

How do I arm my system?
Enter your code followed by...
A) "All on" to arm everything
B) "Part on" to arm perimeter

For Keypad DS7447

How do I arm my system?
Enter pin number + on

Phone Questions:

The time and date are incorrect on mySamsung phone system, how do I correct it?
Keeping the phone the cradle, press transfer button,
and dial 200.
Then dial 1234 when prompted for the passcode.
Then dial 1 to toggle to "enable". Press transfer again.
Press transfer yet again, then dial 505.
Display will show date and time on the first line,
The second line will show
Enter day, date, and time using the format as below:
W (day of the week)
MM (month) 01 for January and 12 for December
DD (day of the month) for the days 01-31
YY (year) the last two digits of the year
HH (hours) use the 24-hour clock and enter range between 00-24
MM (minutes) enter a number in the range of 00-59
then press transfer to save